The Thankful Leper

[Song] “Sing them over again to me, wonderful words of life.  Let me more of their beauty see, wonderful words of life.”

Hello, my name is Miss Barb!  Welcome to Lifeline English, the podcast that helps you know God and know English.

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Today I have three new words for you.  Ready?

The first word is leprosy.  Can you say it?  Lep-ro-sy.  Good job!  Leprosy is a very bad disease. It is also called Hansen’s disease.  People who have leprosy are called “lepers”.  Leprosy deadens nerves so that the lepers can no longer feel pain.  Lepers sometimes lose their fingers, toes, or even hands, feet and noses, because they cannot feel pain. 

The next word is priest.  A priest is a person who helps other people know and worship God.  Before Jesus came, God used priests to help His people.  The priests helped the people to be forgiven by God, to worship God, and to obey God.  They also examined people who had diseases, to stop their diseases from spreading to other people.