Jesus Prays Alone

[Song] “Sing them over again to me, wonderful words of life.  Let me more of their beauty see, wonderful words of life.”

Hello, my name is Miss Barb!  Welcome to Lifeline English, the podcast that helps you know God and know English.

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Today I’m going to teach you only one word.  But it’s a scary one.  Demons!  In the beginning, God made only good angels.  But one of the angels did not want to obey God.  His name was Satan.  Some of the other angels decided to follow Satan.  They stopped obeying God.  Satan’s angels are called demons.  Demons are evil spirits that can live inside people.  They tell lies to people.  They do not want people to obey God.

Okay, ready for the story?  It’s called, “Jesus Prays Alone”.